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5 Easy to Get Comments in Testimonials That Win Building Quotes

5 Easy to Get Comments in Testimonials That Win Building Quotes

Looking more deeply into the BRANZ survey of new home buyers reveals 5 simple things you can do with your testimonials to turn the five reasons people do not select a builder into five reasons they should select you.

1. Reputation

Almost four out of five (78.3%) of respondents to the BRANZ 2012 survey of over 1200 new home buyers rated the reputation of the builder as the key reason for settling on the builder they choose.

Reputation was obtained from friends and family or directly by visiting the builder’s show home where they could see first hand the workmanship and quality of the design and build.

So, because reputation is so very important in the which builder decision, make sure that your testimonials tell how your clients checked out your reputation, by talking to previous clients or by visiting your show home.

Ask your testimonials to include words like,

“When we checked references and visited the show home, we were certain we’d chosen the right building company.”

2. Fixed Price

Almost half the respondents chose a fixed price agreement. Yet many small builders do not offer fixed price agreements because charge up, or cost plus, contracts are less risky.

But, by simply offering fixed price new home packages, a small builder can double the number of potential customers he can present to.

So, if you can offer fixed price agreements, have your testimonials refer to it even if the final choice was something different. Maybe your clients had a reason to chose a charge up contract. If so, have them refer to it. e.g.,

“Our builder offered a fixed price agreement, but we wanted the freedom to do some work ourselves, so we chose a cost plus fixed percentage agreement. This definitely worked to our advantage.”

3. Delivering on Promise

One in eight purchasers had a dispute with their builder over final costs.

They were not aware of what their agreement did not cover and felt they were overcharged. Maybe they didn’t really understand about provisional costs (PC sums) or maybe they didn’t know that the small variation they suggested required an expensive structural change.

So, in your testimonials have your clients talk about how you delivered as promised. e.g.

“When we suggested changes to the build, our builder made sure we understood exactly how much extra it would cost. We were able to make informed choices.”

Delivering on promise is really about communicating clearly and often. Using an online project management program like Co-Construct to record everything for your client to see and interact with is highly recommended.

4. Providing Evidence

One in eight (12.41%) purchasers said they would speak critically about their builder!

Maybe this doesn’t sound too bad, but given the natural propensity for passing on bad news stories at parties and family gatherings (to say nothing of reality TV shows showcasing bad tradespeople), prospective purchasers are likely to project onto you the character of the builder in the last bad news story.

So, overwhelm your prospective client with evidence of your integrity.

Provide an excellent gallery of previous work and beside each picture add relevant, short client statements and photos that prove your worth.

Also, take your prospective client to visit some of your previous clients so their comments can provide undisputed evidence.

5. After Sales Service

Only just over half were very satisfied with the level of after sales service provided!

Almost one in two were only just satisfied or less! Surprised? You should be.

You may not be able to prevent everything going wrong in a new home, but you can deal with anything that does in an exemplary manner!

New home buyers talk!

So, in your testimonials, ask your clients to comment not only on your excellent workmanship but also on your after care service.  e.g.,

“They warned us there might be one or two minor things that could go wrong in the first year or two – and there were. But when we called in the problem, they were onto it immediately without any hesitation.”


By shaping your testimonials to include the comments listed above, and by introducing your prospective clients to previous satisfied clients, you can give your presentations and quotes an unfair advantage.

How are you going with your testimonials? I’d love to hear your stories.

Just comment below.

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  1. kevin check March 6, 2014 at 4:29 pm #

    I agree to these 5 things because it is what I based my customer service upon. Most clients look at me in the same way.

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