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6 Easy Ways to Attract Skilled Builders

the-successful-builder-6 Easy Ways to Attract Skilled Builders

Demand is increasing and my building business is growing. But when I advertise for builders no one applies!”

Where on earth will I find skilled labour?

Sound familiar? In my home country of New Zealand, the Christchurch city rebuild, earthquake strengthening and leaky home repairs have created a construction boom. But it’s not easy to find qualified builders!

But first imagine you’re throwing a party and you want lots of people to come! Do you advertise in the middle of nowhere?  Of course not.

Yet, when you want to find skilled builders do you put up an advert on an online job board?  Well (ah humm) Yes!  And do skilled builders apply? Not necessarily!

 But an astonishing 60% are passively looking and open to talking about job opportunities

The thing is, while job boards can work, they only reach those people who are actively looking for a job at a particular moment in time. And global surveys tell us that only 25% of people are actively looking for a new job at any one time. But an astonishing 60% are passively looking and open to talking about job opportunities, suggesting that better than one in every two builders is open to looking for a new job!

So you need to target these builders too.

But, they are not scrolling through job advertisements on job boards, because they are not actively looking. So you’re not going to get to them with a job advert.  So how do you get your job opportunity to them?

Here’s 6 things you can do to get your job offer in front of skilled builders who may never see your advert.

1. Look At Your Own Network of Skilled Builders

It’s common knowledge that talented people know talented people. So look inside your own network.  What skilled builders do you know? Chances are they’d be happy to hear what you have to offer.

2. Talk To Your Employees

Have them tap into their networks. They are likely to have builder friends who may jump at the chance to work alongside them.

3. Build Your Pipeline of Skilled Builders

Your pipeline of talent is a contact list of skilled builders you have come across and would like to employ one day. Contact your pipeline when you have a need. Save yourself countless hours of time and cost.

4. Be competitive

It’s a competitive market so your strategy needs to be competitive. Think about what makes you a unique employer? Make a list of what can you offer that other companies don’t? And it need not be just money. Weekends off can be a luxury in times of skill shortages.

5. Promote development

People want to know that there is opportunity to progress and develop. So tell them how you can contribute to the skill set they already possess.

6. Apprentice programmes

These may seem like hard work.  But given the right training you create you own loyal and skilled workers.

Your Takeaway

So, start taking advantage of the 60% of builders not looking through job boards but ready to consider joining you – if your opportunity is good enough.


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2 Responses to 6 Easy Ways to Attract Skilled Builders

  1. mark worley June 24, 2014 at 7:40 am #

    If you develop a reputation of being reasonable and paying top dollar for top performance you will attract the trades you need. Also, our local HBA has developed an email group for members to ask for and received help with everything from construction science questions to needed subs and suppliers. It’s a great resource at

    Your Favorite Builder, mark worley

  2. Graeme Owen June 24, 2014 at 9:11 am #

    Thanks Mark. It’s great that reputation is paying off in your business. Well done.

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