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Are You Irresistible To Your Clients? How to get more construction leads

How would you feel getting an email like the following:

You have provided such outstanding, detailed, up front and specific service exactly tailored to our needs and budget.  We really appreciate it and pretty much find it impossible not to choose your company as a result.

This was an exact copy of an email received by a builder I worked with.  His business grew from nothing to in excess of $1 million returning great profit, in less than one year.

His secret? Four simple things…here they are.

  1. Visited every call

    • He used the small jobs to practice for the hot ones
    • He stuck to his sales process AND
    • He listened to their wants and aspirations
  2. Advertised to their specific needs. These were:

    • The needs he had identified while listening.  He simply reflected them back in advertising
    • And it connected
  3. Guaranteed against frustrations

    • The frustrating things that his customers thought builders might do (or not do) he guaranteed against
  4. Asked for referrals

    • During the sales process
    • Before he had started building
    • After completion of the build

Four simple things…but irresistible to clients.

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