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Builder: 4 Simple Keys to Posting Great Content on Facebook

This is a guest post by Jon Randles, co-founder of Mosh, a team of social media experts who work with companies to transform their social media marketing.  You can catch one of their workshops at practical workshops.

Builder-4-Simple-Keys-to-Posting-Great-Content-on-FacebookOK. So you’re started posting on Facebook in the hope that you will attract more customers. It was great to begin with but now you are running out of ideas of what to put in your posts. And to make matters worse – you’re a builder! For goodness sake! Not a journalist! You talk to people! Writing takes so much time. And then the spelling!

So to keep your Facebook page in front of people use vary the content.

In this post I will outline how you can go about adding great content to your Facebook page.

1.  Pictures of Finished Jobs

Try talking to people on your Facebook page using pictures and video instead of text. A lot of web users choose to watch more than they read. And, actually it’s very easy. But when you do, think of your audience. How often is it the woman in the relationship that makes the decisions? Very often. Then make sure the images are of finished work, not hacked off old weatherboards that you want to show your mates. Take pictures of families enjoying their new environment, rather than pictures without people – these feel more inviting.

2. Ask for Their Views

Do you want your fans to express their views on a topic/video/picture? Then ask them to do just that. If you want your fans to share their favourite content with you, then ask them to do that too. And, if you want your fans to share your content with others, ask them to do just that. Get the point. Ask them!

And tell them to hit that ‘Like’ button from time to time.

3. Change up your content every now and then

Often, people are not sure what to post on a regular basis. So try adding a series of “How-to” articles of interest. Or upload some trivia about your company, or breaking news in your community or industry. You can even poll your fans with a fill-in-the-blanks questionnaire. And you can post third-party content and multimedia provided it’s relevant. A great idea is to get experts to speak about your field or business.

And don’t overlook YouTube. There are heaps of clips of great interest here. In fact there’s heaps of great content just waiting for you to post on your Page.

4. Thank your fans

Thank them for their replies and for sharing their opinions with you. From time to time, talk about things other than your services. Wish them happy holidays. Ask them fun questions or ask them to share their personal stories.


  • Proactive Content: be regular; brand internal and external messages. Keep your eye on spelling and grammar! Be professional.
  • Reactive content; respond to others’ posts & comments in a timely manner.
  • Find ‘on brand’ YouTube clips, news links, pictures, as well as your own comments
  • Consistency: tone, voice, brand alignment. This is a key reason why one person should predominately make the updates.
  • Commitment: invest resources, time. Keep the Page fresh and updated.
  • And you’ve got to control it all. Don’t swear at your customers. If negative posts then try and resolve as you would any negative feedback. What you write is there for all to see.

Talk Back

So are you using Facebook?

I’d love to hear of your stories and experiences

Post your comments below.

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