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Builder: 5 Tips That Will Land You Better Sales – Part 2

Builder: 5 Tips That Will Land You Better Sales

“My building business is doing okay. I’m landing a lot of jobs that keep me busy.  But I’m not landing the top jobs, the ones that pay the good money.”

These are common statements I hear from my clients when they start out.  How do I land the good jobs over the line.

In the previous article of this two-part series, “5 Tips That Will Land You Better Sales – Part 1” we discussed two tips that builders need to have down packed: 1) Captivating Slogans and 2) A Customer-Focused Sales Process.

In this article, I’ll continue with the remaining 3 things that, while not greatly powerful by themselves, when working together can give a construction company an aura of quiet confidence that clients are looking for in their dream-home builder.  So, let’s get into it.

1 Conscientious People

Think of the impact that a conscientious team of sales people and designers will have on a prospective buyer. And consider how a conscientious team of builders can turn your client into a raving fan. Imagine if everyone in your company shared the company vision, took ownership in achieving it, were passionate and energetic and willing to “do what it takes” to provide a great customer experience.

Imagine your clients’ elation if every contact with your company left them feeling happy. You know what happens when a client is unhappy but have you taken the time to imagine what happens when a client is “over the moon” about your service level?

So, make time to learn what it takes to create a culture of which you are proud. And if you don’t know how to do that, then push yourself to learn. It will transform your business – and you.

2 Credible Carpenters

Of course it’s no good if you only have a fantastic sales funnel. If you can’t deliver on your promise then you shouldn’t be in business … most likely you won’t be for long.

It’s a fact. Once work has started it’s in the hands of your trades people. If they fail it’s tough and costly. You really are dependent on them. But when your customers love your team, they’ll tell others! This has got to be good. Right?

That’s why confident and successful builders chose their team members carefully, ensuring they have adequate knowledge and qualifications. Then they manage and resource them well, knowing that in the end, the company will be judged by their workmanship.

So never compromise on your key trades people.

3 Competent Accounting

This goes without saying. The oil that keeps everything flowing smoothly is the money. So it needs to come in and go out correctly and on time. When it does everything is great.

When it doesn’t… it’s catastrophic! Incorrect and late invoicing or poor cash-flow management can kill an otherwise great business. So take the time to learn the basics of good accounting administration. And put in place really sound practices for invoicing and receiving money.


So, what are the five tips that will land you better sales? Firstly you need to take time to reflect on your slogan and change it if necessary.  Document your sales process and script it so you know exactly what you should say and when.  Focus on your team and ensure they all have the same vision for the company.  Only hire competent and credible carpenters because their workmanship will reflect on you.  Finally, don’t forget about the oil – you accounting.  Get it right the first time and everyone’s happy.

There is often a big difference between a winning and an average building company, but in most cases that big difference is simply a combination of many small differences. Each one can be fixed.


How do you manage to get your sales over the line and land the big ones?

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