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Builder Success Stories – 306% Growth In Two Years

I’ve got an exciting story to tell you and I just had to share it.

I love exciting stories and I’ve got one to tell you today that might interest you. It’s about Chris who graduated from our private coaching programme recently. When he started he was working on the tools working long hours with his team of two.


But he was tired of having a business that felt out of control and he was ready to throw in the towel and work for someone else. Know the feeling?


I was under way too much stress and I was just weary from not making any money”.


But then he watched one of our videos and thought, “maybe this could work for me too“.
Well it’s made a huge difference!  His business has grown 306% in two years!


I now understand finances and I know how to price for profit. I’ve created business systems that enable me to be off the tools and focused on growing the business. I’ve grown the team from 2 to 7 and I’m paying myself a decent salary! 


But probably the biggest difference has been in me. I’ve learned how to sell professionally and confidently, with integrity. The sales process, the scripts and the collateral we developed work. I go into sales meetings with a clear plan and purpose felling totally confident in the outcome.”


Chris is now focused on taking his business to the next level. Recently he was selected as the preferred builder on a multi million dollar pre-school project.


So if you’re like Chris and you think maybe it could work for you too, then get in contact. Send me an email and tell me a little about yourself and we’ll schedule a short phone call to see if maybe we’re a match.


Maybe your story will be next.

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