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Builder Success Stories: Entering Business Awards

I’m excited to share this news with you about a builder who discovered how to make his business works for him

If you can’t view this short video, a copy of the script is below.

Entering business awards can be a very enriching experience for a small business. Apart from the free promotion and the buyer confidence that winning brings, simply entering has benefits.

So when Andrew and Jo* decided to enter their local business awards they were required to tell the story of the company. Here are the high points of that story.

Less than 3 years ago Andrew was the sole employee of his home building company. He was on the tools all week, pricing, attending meetings and selling in the evenings and weekends. The office was in the corner of the garage and annual revenue was just below $200,000 and the net profit was around $25,000.  And that’s about the time we met.

One of the first things that we started working on with Andrew was getting the pricing correct so that the business would always be commercially viable.  This was important because they were growing the business out of profits and couldn’t afford the loss leader kind of jobs that bigger companies might be able to. Once they had the pricing formula correct and working properly we moved to growing the business and grow the team.

Well that was two and a half years ago. Now there are 15 people on the team and the team is still growing.

Business is turning over in excess of two million and the net profit has risen to just under $500,000!

Has it been worth the effort? What do you think?

So if you’re like Andrew, on the tools and you’d like to build your own business, and if you believe you’ve got what it takes then drop me a line. Send me an email. We’ll schedule a time and we’ll have a chat to see if we’re a match.

Maybe I’ll be telling your story next.

*names have been changed
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