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Builders: Here’s How You Can Grow a Professional Sales Team #6 – Rewrite the Rule Book

Builders: How to grow a Professional Sales Team #6 - Rewrite the Rule Book

Growing a high performing sales team will mean rewriting the rule book

Fantastic salespeople in the building industry hate rules! Tell them that they can’t do it, and they will have to prove that they can! That’s because they are wired to rise to a challenge. A great quality when it’s on your side, but it can create a myriad of problems in a building workplace. Administrators trail after them to get their  paperwork completed. Project managers react to their pressure to start “now!” or complete early. You will be tempted to load up your salesperson with rules.

In this post I suggest three things you can do to unleash the best in a super salesperson

1          Don’t Change Him

Trying to change a super salesperson is always the most difficult approach. The thing is that highly performing sales people travel in territory few others in the company traverse. So how would you or the others in the company know what it’s like out there anyway? The very nature of commission sales requires  strength of personality. So trying to change that is dooming yourself to failure. You can’t really change a person’s personality.

2          Results Rule

Recognise that he will always put results ahead of rules. This is simply because a commission salesperson gets paid from his/her results, not from complying with a set of company rules. So if there is a sale in the offering and a company rule in the way… you don’t need rocket science to tell you that the rule will take second place.

3          Minimum Limits

Now, I hear you howling that you can’t just give them carte blanche! True. One sale is much the same as another, yet each encounter between salesperson and client is a unique event. So, distinguish between inviolable boundary rules and company procedures. Then define as few boundary rules as possible and make the company procedures guidelines for success. Ask yourself, “Does it really matter?” Unless your answer is,  “Yes it absolutely does,” then make it a company guideline. Reserve the boundary rules for the non negotiables.

4          Encourage Creativity

Encourage creativity and risk taking with accountability, then lead discussions with your team where you talk about their experiences. Have team members discuss where they tried new approaches, or departed a little from company guidelines. It’s in these discussions that the whole team does it’s best learning. It may be that you decide to modify company guidelines because of a risk taken by just one team member that paid off. Don’t require 100% agreement – Just 100% involvement.

High performing salespeople can propel a building company to the big time quickly. But, it is unlikely that the company will stay the same. So you need to be ready to handle change.

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So, how do you handle change in your building business?

I’d love to hear of your comments.

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