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Builder Success Stories: When a dream becomes a reality

builder success stories

Builder Success Stories From Builders Like Yourself Just over a year ago Derek* was working long hours on the tools, paying himself less than in his previous job. But he had a dream. When we started working together to make that dream a reality we identified all the systems needed and started implementing them into […]

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Builders: How to survive when your business plans fail

Get perspective in business

The New Year (or new financial year)  is when we think about the future. We kick back, talk over BBQs, strategise and set huge goals for life and business. Great! Yet sometimes, our plans get shot up at the first engagement. So, how do we get my new year’s business plan back on track? What […]

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Six Ways To Cut Costs And Save Your Building Clients Money


Rapidly rising house prices and first-home buyers struggling to enter the market are fueling the conversation around housing affordability. Here are six things you may be able to do in your business to lower costs of a build. While each may only contribute a little, together they can add up to significant savings that can be […]

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Builder Success Lessons – Graham Cooper Shares Lessons Learned while growing the 29th Fastest Growing Company in NZ

Graham Cooper

Starting a building business (Cooper and Cooper Renovations) during the recession was tough, but winning 29th place in Deloitte’s NZ National Fast 50 Fastest Growing Company Awards 2014 was recognition Graham Cooper’s efforts had paid off. Shortly after the awards ceremony I asked him what he had learned during the process. Quick summary: Quit trying […]

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Builder: Sick and Tired of Getting the Same Results?

the-successful-builder-Builder: Sick and Tired of Getting the Same Results?

So the building and construction landscape has changed in the last few years. Yet you are still experiencing the same frustrations in your building business as you were a year ago! “It’s insane,” I hear you say. What? The building industry or you? Take the “Builder Insanity Test” – You may be surprised Builder Insanity Test […]

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Top 20 Learnings at the Builders Year-End Breakfast 2013

Top 20 Learnings at the Builders’ Year Breakfast 2013

Friday the 13th, December 2013, deBretts, Auckland, NZ It’s a scary day for the superstitious, but not for the group of builders who got together on Friday 13th December for The$uccessfulBuilder End of Year Breakfast at deBretts in Auckland, NZ. They shared what they had achieved over the past year. I reckon fear itself was […]

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Builder: How Many Successful Builders Do You Know?


How many owners of successful building companies do you know? When did you last have lunch with a builder who didn’t have to be on the job for his business to be functioning well? Not for a long time? Hmmm. You see if you are hoping to grow your building business and become a successful […]

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