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Do Your Building Clients Say, “It’s Impossible Not To Choose You”?


Imagine how you would feel getting  this email:

“We are excited to confirm that we would like to proceed with our renovation through [your company]. You have provided such outstanding, detailed, up front and specific service exactly tailored to our needs and budget. We really appreciate it and pretty much find it impossible not to choose your company as a result.”

This is an exact copy (minus names) of an email received by a builder I worked with.

Would it make a difference to you if you were to get emails like this?

In this article I list 4 key things this builder has incorporated into his building maintenance business that ensures he gets many calls and emails like the above.

1 Visit Enquiries

Because people buy from people.

From the very beginning, and while he was still learning how to sell, he made a point of visiting every enquiry and making personal contact with the homeowner. He didn’t win every job but because he understood the sales principle that People Buy From People, he kept going. Sure it was time intensive and many jobs were small and could have been handled over the phone.

But by visiting he got first hand understanding of what was important to homeowners and what frustrated them about maintenance companies.

2 Advertise to Specific Needs

Because he is learning more and more about what is important to homeowners in his city, he is able to tailor his simple advertising flyers and brochures to address these matters. Little wonder that when they are distributed the phone rings.

Further, he got to know the kinds of problems that homeowners face in each season, and so in his advertising he focuses on specific needs in each of these seasons: Spring – small renovations and decks; autumn – kitchens and bathrooms; winter – roofs and drainage etc.

Many building companies run with the same advertising irrespective of season. They list everything they do, even though they hardly ever do most of the things listed. But homeowners with small problems only need one thing repaired at a time. So a long list of services is confusing. But his focused advertising just seems to stand out.

3 Guarantee Against Frustrations

People tend to select builders whom they think will give them the least frustration. Everyone has heard the bad news stories and want to be treated properly.

So this builder devised a straightforward four point guarantee:


Small things. But BIG to the homeowners in his city

4 Ask for Referrals

Many builders would rather do anything other than ask for referrals. It seems so self-seeking, self-promoting, self-centred, or desperate. But it need not be so.

He simply asked if his clients had any friends or family that could do with assistance in maintaining or renovating their homes. Usually his clients were only too willing to give names. You see he had proved reliable and trustworthy (actually the truth is that most builders are) so naturally his clients wanted to share him with their friends.

Then as the company grew, he trained his staff to do likewise.


Sometimes it’s the simple stuff that works best. The above worked and helped this builder grow from just himself to a team of 9 in a little over twelve months. It has also paid for him to take his family on a five week overseas holiday. Nice.


So how is it going for you? I’d love to hear what the small things are that you have found to work in your business and in your area?

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