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How Did Four SME’s Get Together And List Successfully On The Share Market In Less Than 12 Months?

Agglomerate Your Business

Agglomerate your business

Agglomerate your business


  • It was possible to list your small business on the public markets without having to pay any upfront fees?

  • It was possible to list your company in weeks instead of the usual 18 months?

  • It was possible to be part of a big PLC yet keep full control of the business you started?


These possibilities were realised earlier this year by…





Hear the story at the Auckland seminar.


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Callum Laing is the co-founder and director of The Marketing Group PLC, now a €100m+ company with 600 staff and offices in 5 countries, yet this time last year the company didn’t exist.

Laing and his business partner Jeremy Harbour have pioneered a completely new approach to helping small businesses scale whilst leaving the founders in full control over their own entities.

In this 40 minute talk with extensive time for Q&A he will share with you how a simple ‘hack’ to a well known business model has opened up a way for small businesses to swap their private shares for public shares and then carry on running their business keeping full control.

Laing and Harbour believe that entrepreneurs are the change makers in the world and that there are ‘millions’ of good small businesses that deserve to have a level playing field with the big boys. Consequently Laing & Harbour have released their IP to the world with the release of their new book on the model ‘Agglomerate – Idea to IPO in 12 months’.


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Come and hear Laing talk through the model and their first case study and you will receive a free copy of the book.

This talk is not aimed at startups, wantrepreneurs or people ‘following their passion’. It is intended for grown ups who have build good, debt free, profitable businesses and are looking to scale to the next level.

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