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Getting Better Staff – In Four Simple Steps

Why is it never simply a lack of building ability that makes for a problem team member? Why is it that it’s almost always a communication problem that busts up a building team?

the successful builder getting better staff

It’s a great feeling when you get better staff

Why is it people problems rather than technical problems that cause a construction project to run at a loss?

How often have you asked yourself, “Why don’t my team just get it?”

You’re not alone. Most builders I know have “pulled their hair out” over problem team members. Often at great cost.

So what’s the solution? Employ better people? Wouldn’t that be good…if only it were possible! Maybe it is possible when you change that statement to, Employ the Right People.

Two builders may have the same qualifications but be totally different in every other way. One may fit into the team really well, be liked and enjoy being a part of it, and respond easily to targets and completion dates. Another may simply not fit the team, struggle to feel involved and feel threatened by any expectations. Both may be skilled builders, but not of equal value to the team. So how to recruit the best?

The best way to recruit a great team member, suited to your organisation, is…

1. Plan an Information Event

Schedule and plan to hold an information event prior to any interviews or job offers. Run a breakfast meeting or an after work BBQ.  Ensure several of your team members are present.

2. Invite to Attend

Then invite all suitable applicants to the event. Tell them about yourself, your business, your vision, the rules you work by and the culture of your company.

3. Get Them Talking

Then have each applicant tell everyone a little about themselves and why they are interested in joining your company. This is a sure way to get a feel ing about how they interact with people

4.  Invite to Apply

Towards the end of the event invite any who feel they want to apply to complete application forms and a personality profile (DISC is good).

4A. Review with Team

Following the event get together with your team and have them rate each of the candidates. Discuss how you feel each would fit into the team. Only interview those you all feel will fit the team.

Follow this method and your recruitment success rate will climb. Don’t expect to get it 100% right every time…but do expect to reduce the number of wrong appointments.

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