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How Can I Grow My Construction Business Past The First Million? Three Must Do’s

This series of videos is specifically for guys starting out in a building business who need to crack that first million in revenue.


Employing builders is essential to grow your construction business, but if you don’t do it right there  can be fish-hooks. Here’s three things you must do when enlarging your team.

1. Make sure your team know what you want

  • Don’t assume that new employees will do things your way – they won’t.  So make sure you document what you want them to do.  Document basic routines such as materials ordering, site practice, variation procedures and especially, how you want customers treated.
  • Write up a clear set of company rules & enforce them.  Although these are little things they’re usually overlooked when starting a business.  But they work together to help your team do what you want…this has to be good.

2. Keep careful track of team performance

  • Set clear and specific work instructions; daily or at least weekly.
  • Review these at the end of each day or week and check whether the work that was set out has been achieved.

3. Keep your business numbers in front of you

Know which business numbers relate to your teams’ performance.  For example:

  • The labour hours that you planned and the labour hours actually used.
  • The dollar cost of your labour against the amount that you quoted.  Don’t just guess them.  It’s too risky in growing a business.

If you know these things and you keep them in mind then you’re less likely to have problems in the long run.


To grow your construction business through the first million is reasonably straight forward if you’ll be  and keep focused on the basics.

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