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How to Attract Better Building Clients – With Powerful Visual Tools.

Attract better clients with powerful visual tools

Attract better clients by giving them visual choices

You know how to renovate older houses…all the hidden traps. You know what needs to be done to bring them up to modern building standards. You understand perfectly. The problem is your client’s don’t really know what they want, and can’t really define their ideas. Right?

A time tested method is to help your potential clients see a range of choices. This frees you to them help them make detailed choices as you lead them to what they need.Rather than just asking them what they want and then going away to create a quote, you can follow the following three steps and have your potential clients choose you even at your first meeting! The three tools?

  1. Create a visual album
  2. Productise your Services
  3. Move from Known to Unknown

Create a visual album

Collate together photos and/or sketches of jobs you have done in the past and build visual album of each kind of job. E.g. Photos of room additions, additions of decks or kitchen and bathroom renovations. Include a basic cost for each job.

Turn your services into products

Sort each kind of job into three levels e.g. Small, Medium and Large. Choose a set of names for each set of pictures, that identifies them as a “product.” E.g. Family, Executive and Luxury. This helps your clients to make real

choices from understandable options rather than forcing them to “create” an image of a  finished job out of nothing.

Move from the Known to the Unknown

When introducing potential clients to your product range, first show them the jobs that are most like their existing property. Then move to others as you interact with them adding features as they dream together with you.

For Example

A builder I worked with created a set of sketches for decks in three sizes: 10 square metres, 20 square metres and 30 square metres. He then calculated approximate costs for three levels of complexity: Simple, Executive (with additional edging and superior timber) Luxury (with additional planters, complex shapes and stairs). When talking with a family he was able to give them quite accurate estimates and focus on individual details as extras. This resulted in an increase in the number of jobs signed up in just one visit.For Example

Remember that most of your potential clients have never done a renovation before. The more you can reduce their unknowns to knowns the more they are likely to choose you to complete their building or renovation job.

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