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How to Sell Like a Builder, not a Salesperson

“I’m a Tradesman…not a Sleezy Salesperson!”


Develop a “sales culture” – an effective way to sell as a builder and attract new customers.

Often thought of as merely trades people, home builders and renovations builders actually have the opportunity to become the most professional sales people in the world. Not only are they in contact with their customers for a considerable time leading up to the signing of an agreement, they (and their team) are “on show” during the carrying out of that contract…and that can be for months at a time.

What an opportunity for an alert team to be salespeople for the company throughout this whole process…doing all the critical non essential things. E.g. looking tidy; being courteous; paying attention to security; making sure the site is safe; noticing the owner’s kids etc.

When a team of builders is consciously and consistently doing the above things, a “sales culture” is built can have a building company staying in a neighbourhood for years…simply moving from house renovation to house renovation as neighbours do their marketing and selling for them.

So, what will it take you to create a sales culture in your company?

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