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The Power Group

The Power Group

Where “Successful people meet with successful people”

Power Group Where Successful People Meet With Successful People

What Is It?

So you started your business as an energetic entrepreneur. But now you find yourself at a stalemate – a little isolated because few friends have achieved as you have. Do you long to be part of a group of other entrepreneurs? If so, you may be ready to take up the challenge of The Power Group – like minded business owners who aren’t satisfied with the status quo?

Who Is This For?

This Power Group is specifically for business owners who have grown a successful business and want to step up to the next level. You will own a mature business and be respected in your industry and community.

What Is Involved?

This Power Group will give you the opportunity to receive and to contribute. This is not a traditional “I teach, you listen” course. Rather it is a group that is about you. It’s your opportunity to communicate the lessons you’ve learned throughout your career and to learn how other like-minded individuals have successfully overcome challenges in their businesses. It’s also the place to constructively challenge and be challenged to better thinking and action.  

Conversations may include, but not be limited to, some of the following:

  • Leading highly successful teams
  • Challenging limiting mindsets – including my own
  • Setting goals, personal and business, in line with values
  • Recruiting better people 
  • Stretching leadership capacities – yours and others 
  • Communicating with others – communication styles. Communicating to be heard
  • Meetings – their purpose, their importance, and how make them uccessful 
  • Learning – mastering the four steps to learning
  • The value of conscious competence – ie knowing what it’s like to be a beginner
  • Applying decision making tools
  • Etc.

How Do I Attend?

The Power Group will meet as an online group of comfortable size – where you will see others and be able to participate easily.  Click here to apply.

What’s The Benefit of a Power Group?

You will:

  • Get to surround yourself with successful, like-minded people
  • Have access to The Successful Builder resources
  • Hear from guest speakers who are successful in their industries 
  • Share your learnings and learn from others
  • Get immediate feedback, clarification and challenge
  • Think your thoughts out loud with people who understand


Quite a bit, but if you match the criteria, and if this is for you, the ROI will be huge.

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