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If you’re like most of my readers, you’re a high-achiever, committed to delivering great work, and being a successful construction business owner.  You strive to grow, get better, and reach your potential. And you want to make your world a better place.

High Achiever Successful Builder

But something keeps getting in the way even though you work long hours. You have a can do, hard working attitude and you give quality service to your clients. You understand construction thoroughly and you are confident of your own ability. But you lack the knowledge to move ahead because you don’t really understand “business.”


  • You prepare many building quotes that you just don’t get
  • The never-ending paper work gets on top of you
  • You’re working way too many hours and missing out on family life
  • You worry because you don’t really understand the important numbers in your business
Preparing Quotes but not getting the sale successful builder

The Successful Builder can mentor you on how to grow your building business

Does This Sound Like You?

Be honest:

  • Do you feel like you are working far too many hours?
  • Are you concerned you are not making enough money?
  • Do you fear that your employees don’t work like you do?
  • Does it worry you that you have little time for family and friends?

If so, you’re not alone.

I Understand How You Feel

Since 2006 I have been helping hundreds of builders just like you get off the tools, make decent money and get their lives back.

My Goal in Writing This Blog

Through my blog posts, videos and business coaching for builders I am fulfilling my mission to teach and mentor qualified builders to become responsible and successful building business owners, respected in their communities. My goal is to empower you to do what matters most by delivering practical tools, guidance and decisive intervention.

So, if you’re new to my site here are some of my most popular posts.

My Builders Business Blog Archive

You can also check my blog’s archives for a list of every post I have written or use the search function to find other posts that might be of interest. Or check out the video posts.

My Business Coaching Services

While the content on my blog is free, I do offer commercial private coaching services. Be sure to check out my Business Coaching for Builders sections.

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3 Reasons Builders Lose Money

Yes, you can succeed at your building business. All it takes is the intention and a mentor to guide you. If you’ll provide the first, I’ll provide the second.

Let’s get started.

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