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Start Up Check List For Builders – Start Your Business The Right Way

How To Start A Building Business The Right Way:  The Builders Start Up Checklist

how to start a building business

Secure a strong foundation for your building business


Are you an ambitious and qualified builder looking to start up your own building business? Most likely you’re great at what you do.  So follow this checklist to ensure that everyone else knows that too.

Marketing & Selling

  • Reach out to your network.  Approach family and friends and let them know you’re starting your own business and you’d love to work for them or be introduced to anyone they know.
  • Create an offer for customers. E.g. “First hour free.”  Email, phone or visit your  network with this offer.
  • Create a one page profile listing your qualifications, registration, experience and guarantees.
  • Create a job form to take details from prospective clients – don’t simply write in your diary as it doesn’t look professional. Do this even if they’re family and friends.
  • Get a site sign printed and put it outside your first and every following job.
  • Door knock or flyer drop the immediate neighbourhood to let them know who you are.


  • Set up a basic tool kit
  • Get your registrations and/or licensing sorted
  • Set up basic routines
    • Invoicing
    • Order book etc.
  • Create a job box for paperwork for a particular job to hold job plans, Health & Safety documents, variation order forms etc.
  • Organise a vehicle
  • Consider hiring a responsible apprentice you can trust to work unsupervised for a few hours at a time so you are free to work on the business. 

Basic Admin

  • Sign up to an online accounting system (e.g. Xero) and learn how to create an invoice
  • Create a business bank account 
  • Organise an overdraft or a cash reserve 
  • Talk to main suppliers about opening an account 
  • Build relationships with key subbies
  • Plan your payment terms and explain them at the beginning of your first job 


If you’d like help in setting up your building business the right way, drop us an email and we’ll make a time to have a short conversation either over the phone or internet.

Graeme Owen – The Builders Business Coach

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