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6 Easy Ways to Attract Skilled Builders

the-successful-builder-6 Easy Ways to Attract Skilled Builders

“Demand is increasing and my building business is growing. But when I advertise for builders no one applies!” Where on earth will I find skilled labour? Sound familiar? In my home country of New Zealand, the Christchurch city rebuild, earthquake strengthening and leaky home repairs have created a construction boom. But it’s not easy to […]

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How to Identify Non-Paying Building Clients and Save Money

how to identify the non paying client

What do you do when your building client can’t pay your bill! So your building client has run into financial difficulties and can’t pay you for their renovation. You stand to lose thousands. Even an improving construction environment does not compensate. Bad payers have more negative impact on a small building business than any local or national […]

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Top 20 Learnings at the Builders Year-End Breakfast 2013

Top 20 Learnings at the Builders’ Year Breakfast 2013

Friday the 13th, December 2013, deBretts, Auckland, NZ It’s a scary day for the superstitious, but not for the group of builders who got together on Friday 13th December for The$uccessfulBuilder End of Year Breakfast at deBretts in Auckland, NZ. They shared what they had achieved over the past year. I reckon fear itself was […]

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