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Builder Success Lessons – Graham Cooper Shares Lessons Learned while growing the 29th Fastest Growing Company in NZ

Graham Cooper

Starting a building business (Cooper and Cooper Renovations) during the recession was tough, but winning 29th place in Deloitte’s NZ National Fast 50 Fastest Growing Company Awards 2014 was recognition Graham Cooper’s efforts had paid off. Shortly after the awards ceremony I asked him what he had learned during the process. Quick summary: Quit trying […]

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Builders: The Secret To Landing You More Sales

Build Your Building Business

Struggling to get building jobs over the line? There has to be a rational reason why some builders reel in great and profitable jobs, enjoy excellent relations with their clients, and exude the quiet confidence their clients love, while others struggle to get building jobs over the line. And there is – a reason that […]

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Five Ways To Save Time While Growing Your Building Business


“Is it possible to grow my business and still have free time?” I’m often asked this from new coaching clients. My answer is always “Yes!” But, you must overcome ‘the time trap’ – thinking that time is its own master and can’t be managed. Time is like a bank that credits your account daily with […]

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6 Easy Ways to Attract Skilled Builders

the-successful-builder-6 Easy Ways to Attract Skilled Builders

“Demand is increasing and my building business is growing. But when I advertise for builders no one applies!” Where on earth will I find skilled labour? Sound familiar? In my home country of New Zealand, the Christchurch city rebuild, earthquake strengthening and leaky home repairs have created a construction boom. But it’s not easy to […]

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How to Identify Non-Paying Building Clients and Save Money

how to identify the non paying client

What do you do when your building client can’t pay your bill! So your building client has run into financial difficulties and can’t pay you for their renovation. You stand to lose thousands. Even an improving construction environment does not compensate. Bad payers have more negative impact on a small building business than any local or national […]

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Three Things Clients Love to See On Builders’ Websites

3 Things clients love to see on builders websites

So you have your building website up and running, and it’s getting visits, but the phone is not ringing as you would like! You ask yourself, “Why is my website not working?” It may be that it is just not connecting with your prospective clients. Recently I asked a group of builders what they believed […]

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