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Five Ways To Save Time While Growing Your Building Business


“Is it possible to grow my business and still have free time?” I’m often asked this from new coaching clients. My answer is always “Yes!” But, you must overcome ‘the time trap’ – thinking that time is its own master and can’t be managed. Time is like a bank that credits your account daily with […]

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Three Things Clients Love to See On Builders’ Websites

3 Things clients love to see on builders websites

So you have your building website up and running, and it’s getting visits, but the phone is not ringing as you would like! You ask yourself, “Why is my website not working?” It may be that it is just not connecting with your prospective clients. Recently I asked a group of builders what they believed […]

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Builder: Want Hot Renovation Leads?

Builder - Want Hot Renovation Leads

You love doing nice remodelling projects, and you want to grow your building business by attracting bigger jobs and adding more qualified builders. But, the leads are not coming in and you are not getting opportunities to present many construction quotes. Frustrating! In this article, I outline the strategies Robert (real name withheld) used to […]

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