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Transition To Public Listing – Business Coaching

You own a great building business – maybe 20 or more staff and you are enjoying a pretty good lifestyle. You have a valuable reputation and steady work. The only problem is that the business is still dependent on you and you can’t leave it for long otherwise it is likely to disappear.

If only the business was large enough for you to take a year off and travel the world and you could afford to hire an experienced GM to run the business in your absence.

Certainly your business has value and if you could sell it – at the right price – you’d be tempted. But that’s the thing – the price. Often it’s around 3 times the annual net profit – not really enough.

So, what if there was a way to prepare your business for sale at many times it’s current value? What if you could exchange your shareholding in your business for an equivalent shareholding in a publicly listed global company that is increasing in value and pays you annual dividends? You could invest in new acquisitions, clear personal debt, and fund someone to run your business for you – even transferring some shares to them as an incentive.

An exciting alternative

Or (and this is our preference) you stay on in full control of your business as CEO and draw on new resources to grow your business and increase your net worth as the company grows.

As a public listed company you get all the advantages that a global network can bring, from networking with the best in your industry to marketing. Your customers discover you as part of a listed company, resulting in greater trust and larger contracts.

What you can expect from “Transition to Public Listing – Business Coaching”:

In our Transition to Public Listing Coaching we explore the possibility of your company joining an already publicly listed company, or (if you are entrepreneurially inclined) forming the nucleus of a new initial public offering – for even greater gain.

In our experience, once a business fully understands the process, it can take as little as six weeks to join an existing public company, if the company books are in good shape. However for the majority of business owners it takes around 6 months to master the process and get their business ready.  

Let’s explore the possibility of working together

If this sounds like you, and you’re ready to transition your building business, take the next step and tell me more about your situation.

Contact me with your current business situation and we’ll get back to you real soon.

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