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3 Tips For Starting A Building Business

I was asked the other day, “What are the 3 things you say to someone when they’re starting their building business?”
I had to think for a moment but I came up with three. Tell me what you think about them.

1. You need to learn to price for profit. Otherwise there’s no point in going into business if you’re not going to make a profit. It’s what business needs in order to be commercial and survive.

2. You need to learn how to proactively ask for referrals. Go out and get your business. Don’t just wait for it to come. Initially when you start out you tend to get work through friends and contacts. So proactively ask for referrals.

3. Identify what are the low value tasks that you do. Those that you can readily delegate to someone else. Maybe a few hours a week to give you time to focus on the high value tasks.

So, that’s three things you need to do when starting out in business.

What do you think? How do they sit with you?

To your success!

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