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Builder Success Story: My Building Business Was Stagnant!

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Builder Success Story: My Building Business Was Stagnant!

Before we started our coaching relationship, Randy told me that his home building business had stagnated, that he was buried in endless paperwork and that it was difficult commanding the profit margins necessary to create the revenue and cash flow he wanted.

There were lots of little things he wanted to do to improve but he just couldn’t seem to get around to it.  His business life was just too busy. Maybe you know the feeling?

Say’s Randy, “I wanted to hire a coach that could hold me accountable, provide me with the right ideas and who would push me in the right direction and help me set and accomplish my goals.”

Well. We’ve been working together for a little over two months now, so it’s early days. But Randy tells me that already the accountability of our weekly meetings is keeping him on track. He expects to finish the year strongly and set himself up for a successful and prosperous next year.

You see, success in a building business is not always about the big things. More often than not, it about getting the little things in the right places so that everything can work together synergistically.

You can read Randy’s full testimonial at here and go look at his website at


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