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Builders: Here’s a Time Saving System that Also Gets You Better Subbies

Phone going continuously? Constant Calls? Your diary full of notes, appointments, reminders, meetings, emails addresses, phone-messages etc.

the-successful-builder Builders: Here’s a Time Saving System that also gets you Better Subbies

And the  calls from subcontractors, inquiring for work, checking up on procedures, explaining why they “ couldn’t be there on time.”

Recently I came across an Australian who focuses on creating specific software for builders. Russ Stephens, who blogs on technical solutions to challenges common to builders, explained to me how he uses a CRM to manage subcontractor and supplier communication.

I asked Russ for permission to reproduce some of his explanation here and he kindly obliged.

Guest post by Russ Stephens, ACRIS

Not only does a CRM keep track of your customers, but a CRM developed specifically for builders can give you the following business improving tools:

1          Saves You Time

An automated system with which subcontractors & suppliers submit their Expressions of Interest (EOI) will save you the time you currently spend fielding their phone calls. The system allows a subcontractor to submit their details along with all the relevant information that you require, before you even consider allowing them to work on your sites.

2          Manages Subcontractor  Information 

Information such as trade licences, workcover, and public liability can all be submitted as a pre qualifier by the subcontractor…saving you time trying to prize it out of them. This is way better than spending 20 minutes on the phone to a subcontractor only to find out he has no public liability insurance.

A good builder’s system will even follow up and remind your existing subcontractors when their licence or insurances become due. And not just one reminder, but weekly follow ups until they submit them to you. If they don’t produce the required documents, you can choose to take the action you deem appropriate..

3          Sends Pre-Written Emails 

Great systems will include pre-written emails that will be sent to subcontractors periodically, reminding them of their obligations and of your company’s processes. Reminders can cover items such as your variation process, site orders, site instructions, site tidiness, safety processes etc.

 4          Converts More Leads into Sales

Of course, as well as maintaining communication with existing subcontractors and vetting new subcontractors, a premier builders’ CRM should maintain contact with your leads. It should constantly inform and educate them on the construction industry via automated sequences of emails. Because posts like these are non invasive and build trust, builders who use such systems report an increase in their conversion rates from inquiries to sales.


So, how do  to communicate with subcontractors and suppliers?

I’d love to hear your comments and experiences.

PS If you want to find out more about the system that Russ Stephen’s uses, check out the ACRIS Keep in Touch Builder’s CRM (with a full money back guarantee) at ACRIS Keep In Touch


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  1. Andreas Becker April 23, 2013 at 7:58 am #

    Thanks for the tip Graeme. Totally agree that using the right tools and technology can be a huge step forward towards more freedom and a business running more smoothly.
    Cheers, Andreas

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