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Builders: How Do You Get Your Name Out There

When starting a building business I’m often asked, “How Do I Get My Name Out There?”  It’s a great question.


If you’re starting a building business and you need to get your name out there you need to ask the question,

What name do I actually want out there?”

What I mean is that your first customers will talk about you.  And most small businesses starting up initially grow from their first customers telling their friends. This is great. But remember, those you disappoint are twice as likely to talk about their bad experiences.

So make sure that before you race to get your name out there that you work out what kind of reputation that you want out there, then, go do it! Turn your customers into raving fans. Not only will they endorse you but they’ll do your selling for you.  You may not even have to ask for referrals. Than you really get your name out there.


What challenges have you found in starting your own business? How have you worked around them? Would love to hear from you.

If you’re thinking about starting a building business then drop me a line and we’ll make a time to have a short 15 minute conversation.

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