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Builders: How To Make Your First Million – Get Focused

This series of videos is specifically for builders starting up their own building business and need to crack that first million.  Start up your business the right way.

There’s heaps going on in a business in the early stages so it’s important to decide what you’re going to focus on.

I’ve outlined three things to focus on that will help you crack that first million.

1. Focus on Visiting Every Enquiry.

It might seem much faster to do your sales over the phone and email your quotes especially when it’s small jobs.  But when you focus on using the same sales process for every job, even the small ones, and visiting potential clients you get real practice at it.  You also get an opportunity to hear the frustrations that people in your area have with local builders. So focus your time on visiting every enquiry.

2. Focus on advertising to the specific needs that you meet.

If you do that your marketing will connect. Your advertising message will sound true and real because it is reflecting those needs.

3. Focus on guaranteeing to allay the frustrations.

When you do so, you’ll become the preferred builder in your area because you’ll be addressing the real needs and the real frustrations people have with the building community in your area.

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