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Builders, The Key To Great Sales: Sales Scripts

An important key in developing a great sales strength in your company is having sales scripts.

Now by sales scripts I don’t mean the rattled off, page turning garbage you get from telemarketers. No. Rather I mean a series of carefully constructed questions to help your client decide what it is that they really want.

So how do you build sales scripts?

You can start quite simply by recording sales. If that’s not possible, make notes from memory after each sale. Try to focus on recording and noting the questions that you asked that caused your clients to think the most.

Next, arrange those questions in an order from general to specific. Test the questions on future sales and modify them as you go; modify them based on the results you get.

Start building sales scripts based on what you’re currently doing and you will definitely improve your sales skills.

Graeme Owen – The Builders Business Coach

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