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How Can I Break Through The First Million In My Home Building Business: Get Fired Up

This series of videos is specifically for builders starting up their own building business and need to crack that first million.  Start up your business the right way.

There’s heaps to get right in a home building business and it’s impossible to master everything all at once. So rather than getting stressed out about what you can’t do…

get fired up about what you can do.

Here’s three things to make really important in your business right at the beginning so you can focus on cracking that first million barrier.

1. Quit aiming for perfection.

Rather establish a realist standard that you can deliver consistently. Consistency in business is far more important that bursts of brilliance. Just do a good job, that’s what most people expect and want.

2. Don’t discount to buy work.

It’s the fasted way to the bottom. Set a fair price and stick to it. Build your sales process around your strength of your guarantees not around your ability to discount.

3. Assume that everyone you meet knows a potential new client.

When you were on the tools prior to starting your own business you probably worked on some pretty large jobs; maybe architecturally designed jobs.  You probably won’t get clients like that immediately or quickly. So consider everyone you meet a potential client.  If they’re not a client maybe they know someone. So your hairdresser tells you their nephew’s having a baby. Maybe they need a renovation or an addition to their home. Just ask.

You see breaking the first million can be fun. But just get fired up about the basics and you’ll get there.

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