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Five Ways To Save Time While Growing Your Building Business


“Is it possible to grow my business and still have free time?” I’m often asked this from new coaching clients. My answer is always “Yes!” But, you must overcome ‘the time trap’ – thinking that time is its own master and can’t be managed. Time is like a bank that credits your account daily with […]

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Builders: Here’s a Time Saving System that Also Gets You Better Subbies

the-successful-builder Builders: Here’s a Time Saving System that also gets you Better Subbies

Phone going continuously? Constant Calls? Your diary full of notes, appointments, reminders, meetings, emails addresses, phone-messages etc. And the  calls from subcontractors, inquiring for work, checking up on procedures, explaining why they “ couldn’t be there on time.” Recently I came across an Australian who focuses on creating specific software for builders. Russ Stephens, who blogs on technical solutions […]

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How To Become A Successful Builders #2 – Give Yourself Time

Highly skilled builders give themselves time

When was your last holiday? Go! Go! Go! How many times have I’ve heard that from renovation builders? Organizing home renovation quotes… running between building design meetings… ordering building materials… coordinating sub-trades… answering questions… meeting architects… calming clients…paying invoices!!! It’s just full on. To make matters worse, one of your competitors swans around in his […]

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