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How Can I Save Time While Growing My Building Business?

In this video I reveal five things you can do now to save time while growing your building business!

It’s impossible to grow my building business without losing all my free time”

Sound familiar? In this video I’m going to give you 5 practical things to you can do now to save time while growing your building business.

1. State Your Monthly Priorities

At the beginning of each month state your monthly priority. The one key thing that you’re going to focus on that will bring you closer to your long term goals.

2. Weekly Default Calendar

Run a weekly default calendar. Create a typical weeks diary and aim to keep to it. Set aside blocks of time for the activities that should take priority and stick to them.

3. Plan Tomorrow Tonight

Don’t go home before planning tomorrow. Do it while it’s fresh in your mind. If you’re a morning person like I am then schedule all your difficult tasks for the morning when you’re at your best.

4. Achievable Targets

Set achievable targets. Theres nothing like winning! So practice being successful by setting tasks that you know you can achieve and then increase the difficulty a little.  Tick them off as your achieve them and reschedule or delete the ones you don’t finish.

5. Don’t Multi Task

Don’t multi task. It’s a myth that successful people multi task. When you do, your brain is constantly switching from one task to another and nothing gets done well.  So collate your tasks together and if you’re working on pricing and quoting shut the door, turn off the email, turn off the phone and ignore everything that happens and focus on your pricing until it’s done.

Do these 5 things and you’ll free up your free time, guarantee it.

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