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How to Attract Better Clients – 4 Keys to Powerful Vehicle Signage

Attract better clients - 4 keys to powerful vehicle signage

Dave Woodfield’s chrome wrapped car turns heads

Your craftmanship is well above average and you know you do a great job. Your clients are always happy with your work, but you are just not attracting the better kind of clients that you really want. The ones with the bigger projects, focused more on quality than price.

One of the time tested methods to get better clients calling you is to have powerful signage on your vehicle.

Recently a leading car signage expert has been turning heads with his stand out vehicle creating one of the most talked about vehicles in the city. His vehicle reinforces the value of excellent signage.His research shows that vehicle advertising is second only to television in generating  daily impressions. The numbers are overwhelming: 90% of travelers notice graphics on wrapped vehicles; 75% of purchasers form their impression of a prospective supplier by the graphics  on the company vehicle and 30% base their purchasing decision on that impression! A study commissioned by 3M showed that a company would need to spend $130,000 to get the same number of annual impressions of a well designed wrapped vehicle costing less than $5,000.

So. how do you turn your vehicle into a customer magnet?

1. Limit Content

Too much information can dilute your branding.  Effective signage includes the company logo with website and/or phone number. Less is more when it comes to words on vehicle because it makes your brand more prominent.

2. Backs to the Front

If your customers and prospects need educating about the services you offer, the best place is the rear of the vehicle.  This is because people have time to read and absorb information while sitting at the lights or when following your vehicle.  Leave the sides free for a nice big company logo and nothing else.

3. Think Colour

If you have several vehicles in your fleet, try to buy them the same colour.  While you can wrap them in a plain colour first to make an odd one match, it is usually more cost effective to purchase your vehicles in a consistent colour at the outset.

4. Don’t Skimp

Stretch your vehicle signage budget as much as possible! Your vehicle is your moving billboard and a hugely cost effective method of informing people of  your presence.  Photographic images can be very effective and should be considered. Their durability has gone up and price has come down significantly in recent years.  Remember, you only pay for graphics once during the life of the vehicle.  So when considering your marketing spend in this area, the cost should be divided by the number of years you expect to keep the vehicle.


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