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How To Increase The Click Through Rate In Your Building Business

Increase Your Click Through Rate In Your Building Business

Learn How You Can Increase Your Click Through Rate

Are you paying too much to Google but not getting the results you need?  

It could be that your click through rate (CTR) is malnourished.  This article will go through eight tips that will help you to give your CTR the sustenance it needs to grow and thrive and start producing results.

What is a Click Through Rate?

Firstly, what is click through rate?  It is a ratio showing how often people who see your ad end up clicking it.  It’s used to gauge how well your keywords and ads are performing.  

To get your CTR you take the number of clicks on your advert divided by the number of impressions (times your advert shows up in a search).

Clicks / Impressions = CTR

For example if you had 5 clicks and 1000 impressions then your CRT would be 0.5%.

A high CTR is a good indication that users find your ad helpful and relevant.

Let’s look at what you can do to increase your CTR.

Plan Your Keywords Across Your Ad Groups

The more your keywords and your ads relate to each other and to your business, the more likely a user is to click on your ad after searching on your keyword phrase.

Too many keywords in each ad group could impact on how relevant your ad is to a user’s search query.  For example, if a user searched for, “renovating my kitchen” and your advert that appeared was, “Build Your New Dream Home”, the chances are the user will scroll past your ad and click on the one that says, “Kitchen Renovation Specialists

So group your keywords into themes called ad groups and write keyword specific ads for each group.  For example, you may decide to split your campaign into the following ad groups: Renovations, New Builds, Light Commercial Builds, Extensions.

How To Plan Your Keywords

  1. Create Ad groups
  2. Add relevant keywords to each group
  3. Write adverts to match each group

business coaching for construction

Target Keywords In Your Advert

Nothing can be more valuable to users than when they see their words that they actually searched for showing up in your headline.  So be sure to include your target keywords in your headline and descriptions.   

business coaching for construction company

Grab Attention Through Capitalisation

Using Capitalisation helps your advert to stand out from others that are non capitalised.  

For example, take a look at the ads below and see which one stands out more.

builders business coaching

Use The Advert Display URL Effectively

You can create an address that might not actually exist but that looks highly relevant to search queries.  It will link to the page on your site that you specify in the URL section.  So get creative and use your URL’s to drive more traffic to your site.

builders business coaching

Clear Call To Action

What do you want people to do? Do you want them to “Call Now”, “Learn More”, “View Homes”, “Book A Free Quote”.

builders business coaching

Negative Keywords

Just as you tell Google what words/phrases to bid on, make sure you also tell them what not to bid on.  Add irrelevant keywords to Negative Keywords.

builders business coaching

Adjust Your Bids Regularly

If your bids are too low your CTR will suffer.  So you need to bid high enough to appear on the first page.  Remember that positions 1 – 4 usually mean that your ads are showing on the first page.  

Keyword Match Types – Advanced

Keyword match types help control which searches on Google can trigger your ad.  It’s best to start with the Broad Match and use negative keywords to exclude your search from showing on searches with that term.

Broad Match

This is the default keyword match.  Ads may show on searches that include misspellings, synonyms, related searches, and other relevant variations. So if your keyword is “new home builder” someone searching for “builder for new homes” might see your ad.

E.g. House Renovation Builder

Broad Match Modifier

This is similar to the Broad Match but the modifier option only shows ads in searches including the words designated with a plus sign or a close variant of them.

E.g. +House +Renovation Builder.  

Phrase Match

Ads may show in searches that match a phrase with additional words before or after the phrase. Ads won’t show if a word is added in the middle of the phrase or if words in the phrase are reordered.  Use “quotation marks” to use phrase match.

E.g. “House Renovation Builder”

Exact Match

Ads may show on searches that match the exact term or a close variant of the exact term. Close variants may include reordering of words if it doesn’t change the meaning.  Designated with brackets, the keyword [house renovation builder] could show when someone searches on Google for “renovation house builder”

E.g. [House Renovation Builder]

Compelling Content

It’s common sense that unless you take the time to write engaging adverts that include your call to action, your ad will be average.  So don’t fast track this step.  

Do some market research and look at your competitors adverts.  Write something that is different and stands out from your competition.

Then, split test your ads by writing multiple adverts for each adgroup to see which ad gets the higher CTR.  Once you have enough data, pause the ads that aren’t performing so that only your top performing ads are displaying.


If you want to pay less for Google Adwords and get results that pay, take the time to set up your Adword Campaigns in a way that will increase your CTR.  Remember, showing up is one thing but getting noticed is another.  So do your research and write compelling content that includes keywords.


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