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Builders: 5 Tips That Will Land You Better Sales For Your Construction or Building Business

5 Tips That Will Land You Better Sales – Part 1

Globally in some regions home builders are experiencing boom times.  Wages are good and order books are full. But outside of these areas it’s not so easy and many home and renovation builders are still struggling to get good building jobs over the line. No doubt you’ve wondered how to get better sales for your construction or building business.

Yet even in these areas there are building companies that are doing well. Somehow they seem to thrive. They exude a quiet confidence that they will attract the desirable and profitable jobs. Surely there has to be some rational reason why this is so?

And there is. However, it’s never just one reason but a combination of many. Just as an award winning home is a combination of great design, materials and experienced project management, so a successful, client-attracting building business is a combination of many systems working together smoothly.

In this two part article I outline five things that, while not greatly powerful by themselves, when working together can give a construction company an aura of quiet confidence – the kind of confidence clients appreciate in their dream-home builder.

1.  Captivating Slogans

It is definitely true that first impressions count. The very first impression your company makes on a prospective client can be the single biggest factor in their decision. It may even cause them not to consider you at all!  Sure it may be totally emotional, but then so is much of the builder selection process. So it makes good sense to ensure that the very first encounter with your company is captivating, connecting and response-generating.

You need to imagine the impact of a powerful slogan – one that drives potential building customers to pick up the phone and call you. Imagine having a website, signs and vehicles that attract people to you because your slogan connects powerfully.

And then imagine how reassured they feel when they connect with you and discover you really do deliver what your slogan says. It’s confidence building isn’t it?

So what is your slogan? Is it captivating? Does it connect? Is it response generating?

Take a look at some of the slogans for the worlds biggest consumer brands –

2.  A Customer-Focused Sales Process

Now couple a powerful slogan with a well presented, tested and proven sales process that explains simply and clearly what needs to do be done to:

·      fully explore your client’s needs and aspirations

·      introduce them to previous clients (who rave about you)

·      calm their nerves with your iron clad guarantees.

Such a customer focused sales process outlines in advance the steps a customer needs to take in order to arrive at the best possible solution…even if that means using another builder!

You see the confident builder knows that his sales system works so there is no need for him to try and coerce the client to buy from him. They will follow the steps! Nice.

So how can you build such a sales process?

5 Tips That Will Land You Better Sales – Part 1

Start by documenting what you currently do in your sales. List each step and script what you say.  Then test it, reflect on it and improve it over time.

When you discover you have made a mistake try a new approach. Keep trying until you develop a process that works – a process that is good – real good.   Then, when the process is good, you won’t need to hire top salespeople to get great sales – just good people who will follow your well oiled system!



So over the next couple of weeks, why not reflect on your slogan and what it says about your business.  Is it captivating; is it consistent; is it connecting?  Also take a look at your sales process and ask yourself whether it’s customer focused.  If it’s not already down on paper, write it down and script what you say so that you can begin testing it out.

To Be Continued…


What will you do to get your sales over the line? How would a slogan or customer focused sales process help you to do this?

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7 Responses to Builders: 5 Tips That Will Land You Better Sales For Your Construction or Building Business

  1. Kevin J Check January 28, 2015 at 3:52 pm #

    I’m in the process of writing a new slogan for the new year to get more interest and sales in my design/project management business when I retired from contracting last year for personal health reasons. I have had a slogan that others copied and now I’m coming up with a new and more precise slogan, that no one uses or has thought of, to sell my business out to my local market to both homeowners and fellow small contractors. I will let you know of the slogan I come up with privately.



    • Ethan Bixler February 3, 2015 at 8:57 am #

      Good luck Kevin.
      We are an electrical contractor and this made me think of what we are using and possible changes. While not a huge expense we have a decent amount of money invested in our existing slogan. New decals, t-shirts, sweatshirts, coats etc. Wondering what people think about not completely abandoning the old while phasing in the new. Our slogan hasn’t been compromised and in our particular area doesn’t seem to be something our competition puts much thought into.
      In short, can we gradually make the switch as the old was well thought out and still delivers in my opinion.

      • Graeme Owen February 3, 2015 at 11:29 am #

        Good thinking Ethan. This reflects the mindset of a contractor who is also a marketer. The thing to always keep in mind is not, “has my slogan been copied,” but “is my slogan still attracting the attention of my target market?” So it may be that you test a second slogan to see if it is more effective – say in two parallel marketing campaigns. If the new slogan is much more powerful then you can to the sums on whether to change or stay the same. Even if no one else is copying you, it may be a good idea to change.

    • Graeme Owen February 3, 2015 at 11:24 am #

      They say that the best compliment someone can pay you is to copy you. So well done! Keep taking the lead. As the market moves around and the mindset of your target audience changes, so your slogan may move with it. So keep listening to your market and refining your offerings.

  2. Your Favorite Builder February 3, 2015 at 8:46 am #

    “develop a process that works” I like this …the more focused you are on your market the easier it will be for you. If you are high-end custom or a bath remodeler stay true to your target and you will find your process easier.

    Your Favorite Builder, mark worley GMB

    • Graeme Owen February 3, 2015 at 11:20 am #

      Well stated, Mark. There’s a saying that you market to the few (i.e. focus on a specific target) and deliver to the many. Sounds like you are doing this. All the best.

  3. Philip July 16, 2016 at 5:59 pm #

    Nice article. In my opinion, if our work is great it’s not a very difficult task to market it and get sales.

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