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Builders: Paperwork Chewing Up All Of Your Time? This Is So Good It Just Had To Be Shared

 home builder paperwork frustration

I don’t normally do this. It’s just that every now and then I come across something I think is so good that it just has to be shared. There’s nothing in it for me, and I have not been asked to do an endorsement.

Working in the construction industry I am aware that builders do not like paperwork. “Anything but…” I often hear. Yet, every builder and carpenter I know wields a smart phone – better than a hammer in some cases.

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So when I discovered this smartphone app that replaces paperwork with taps, swipes and photos, I could see the builders I know rejoicing!

It does away with complex form filling yet ensures optimum Health and Safety compliance. Unbelievable but true!

In fact, it seems to locate the whole of your Health and Safety compliance on a smartphone. Smart!

Because important documentation is downloadable, there is no need for you to create your own procedures and forms (e.g. Audit forms, Hazardous Substance registry, Policy statements, Contractor H&S Agreements). These are all stored securely for you but available immediately on your device. You have to be in cell phone range of course.

Builders save time on paperworkThen what I think is really smart is that hazard identification and recording is done on site using the smartphone’s camera. Again, smart!

The whole system is well thought out, and SureSafe have done a great job in making it easy to use – it only takes about 5 minutes to train a new person! What’s more – it’s early days and more development is coming – making it even more effective.

Check it out at

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