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Top 20 Learnings at the Builders Year-End Breakfast 2013

Top 20 Learnings at the Builders’ Year Breakfast 2013

Friday the 13th, December 2013, deBretts, Auckland, NZ

It’s a scary day for the superstitious, but not for the group of builders who got together on Friday 13th December for The$uccessfulBuilder End of Year Breakfast at deBretts in Auckland, NZ.

They shared what they had achieved over the past year. I reckon fear itself was scared!

It was a celebration of growth and development of businesses and growth and development of business owners.

It was a gathering of business owners on a similar journey of both business success and happier lives – over a glass of bubbly and a hearty breakfast.

A meeting of masterminds.

But this ‘end of year builders breakfast’ was more. When asked to summarise in a single statement what they had learned, they gave us grounded, down-to-earth stuff, shaped by cold reality. Real stuff.

From their learnings we have developed a list of 20 things.

To finish off, Alasdair Thompson (formerly CEO Employers & Manufacturers Association, NZ) talked from the heart about how he had not only embraced the obstacles that destroyed his career but how he had overcome them to arrive at a much better place.

The one message that ringed loudly throughout the morning was – leadership. Lead yourself – them lead your team.

A Question.

Are you taking leadership in your business?

Top 20 Learnings at the Builders’ Year Breakfast 2013
Are you taking steps to both grow yourself and your construction team? Are you willing to reflect, learn, and try something new going forward?

Ever wondered what you would say if you were asked to tell a group of your peers what you’ve learned in the last year? Now I know builders are often thought of as the kids that didn’t spend much time in school – so when you say “learning” the brain kinda goes fuzzy! Right?

WRONG, when it’s about real life.

Can school learning teach you some of the lessons listed below? I doubt it. But do you need to know these principles to be successful in business? Too right!

Here is a list of the 20 year-end learnings of 2103.

1. You don’t know what you don’t know. So unless you are open to having the gaps in your business knowledge identified, you will never learn how to plug them – and you’ll continue to let profit leak out your business and miss opportunities.

2. Build Systems. The systems run your business, and when you train your people to run your systems, your workload is greatly reduced. And they stay on task!

3. Trust your advisors (or get better ones). The best business leaders in the world not only consult with the best advisors, but trust their advice. If you can’t – then get better advisors!

4. You’re never too old to learn new technology. The day you quit embracing technology is the day to start retreating from it. And that’s a worry. It’s not about age!

5. Stop doing everything yourself. You can only do so much. And besides, heaps of others would love to do your job, so let them and enjoy the benefits of time to re-focus.

6. Asking for help is not illegal. Say no more! This is obvious.

7. Make use of the power of someone else. You can’t possibly sustain high levels of output 24/7. Heaps of others have heaps of energy. Unleash it to the benefit of the business. Others are further ahead than you are, so draw from them.

8. Know who your clients are. Look through your client list and identify the clients you love dealing with and focus on these.

9. Disqualify customers who don’t fit well. Quit wasting time trying to offer your business to people who will never become your clients. Spend better time and better money attracting the ones who want to be your clients.

10. Delegate. The more you can master it – the larger you can grow.

11. Live outside your comfort zone. Nothing grows unless it’s pushed a little.

12. Upskill your team. Becoming a trainer is the first step to creating a business that let’s you take time away from it.

13. Understand the needs of your clients. Learning to listen to what your clients are telling you – behind the words! It transforms you.

14. Become a professional salesperson – it’s an honourable calling. Quality salespeople provide solutions to the real needs of people. They hardly ever think about their own needs – and they do well!

15. Understand the power of the small numbers in the business. Developing an appreciation of multiplication is imperative to taking a business to better results. Making small adjustment in many areas is the “simplest” way to get results.

16. Say, “I can do” things, NOT “I can’t.” What you believe about yourself eventually sets your limits. So change your beliefs!

17. Look into your business from the outside. You are way too subjective to see how things really are in your life and in your business. You gotta get out to see in.

18. Do new things in your business. Any living thing cut off from its source of life dies. New life is the essence of longevity.

19. Do more of the stuff you enjoy. This is where you do your best work.

20. Gain more energy by fully engaging in what you do. Get involved! If you can’t get enthusiastic about what you are doing – then get out! Quit killing it for the rest of them.

So, what have you learned about growing your business in the last year that you could add to the list? Post your comment below.


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