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What Can Birds Teach Builders About Marketing!

So you need to “get your brand out there.” You know online marketing could make a huge difference, but you are not sure what marketing platforms are best for builders? Talking to others doesn’t remove the confusion, because they all have different stories. And few of them are doing it successfully.

So which online marketing platform(s) should you use? Facebook? WhatsApp? LinkedIn? Instagram? Twitter? Google+? Pinterest? YouTube? Tumblr? etc.

The best online marketing platform for you is the one that your prospective clients are using!

Now, that’s a BFO – a blinding flash of the obvious.

When you engage in the communication channels that your prospects are using then you are way more likely to find yourself getting in front of them. And vice versa.

Find the social platforms your target customers are using

Just as many business owners find advertising in the paper version of Yellow Pages a waste of money (since very few people in major cities use them), so advertising in the wrong online medium can be a waste of time and money – even though there may be zillions of people using that medium.

So rather than starting with the “which marketing platform” question it may be better to start with the “what do I want to communicate” and “to whom” questions. Then, when you know the answers to these questions, go looking for the best online platform.  

This is where the birds enter the article! Allbirds – to be precise. Heard of them? Of course.

One of the fastest growing companies in 2015 and 2016 and rated by Time magazine as creating the world’s most comfortable shoe. Their vision was to be fun, cool, sexy, good quality and environmentally caring – a reflection of them as people.

Their target was younger people but there are hundreds of other shoe brands, in that market. They needed a platform that would give them opportunity to communicate with authenticity and put them in front of their target market.

So they chose Instagram. Predominately the medium of younger people, with its special provision for high quality pictures and video. Instagram gave them the space in which to showcase where they sourced materials, how customers could style things with their shoes and how they worked out their commitment to quality using the medium popular with younger people – photos and videos.

It worked brilliantly growing the Allbirds brand to international status in a very short time. (By the way, if you think I’m talking about an avian phenomenon, then you probably aren’t interacting with Instagram).

When Allbirds told their story and shared their passion and vision, they were communicating themselves – their passion and their vision – to their target market, younger people (according to Statista 71% of active users of Instagram are under the age of 35 years).

They inspired them to purchase because people buy from inspiring people. So while there were at least a dozen knock-offs that started soon after Allbirds, these were not able to match the story, passion and vision of the Allbird founders and their marketing seemed lifeless in comparison.

They found that people wanted to buy from them.  As a medium for inspiration, warmth and human stories targeted at younger people, Instagram suited the Allbirds’ marketing plan perfectly.

So…similarly, like Allbirds, there are tonnes of others in your market. People could buy from any one of them.

But some will want to buy from you – because you are you! It’s the uniqueness of you that makes your company different! So choose the medium in which your target is active and tell them about you – your passion and vision. If you are targeting a younger market then Instagram could be for you.

It’s the uniqueness of you that makes your company different

So, let’s assume that you are doing the basics: signs outside jobs; letterbox dropping neighbours; keeping in touch with previous clients and contacts; but you want to raise the stakes. Then it would be good for you to …

1  Clarify the demographics of your target client

Are they single, parents, middle class, professional, older or retired? Do they have children, teenagers, grandchildren or parents living with them? One income or two? City or suburban?

2  Decide on what it is you want to communicate to them

What is the main need or frustration that your service alleviates? How can you help them? What do they need to do to start the process? Download a pdf, send an email or call you?

3  Find out the online medium(s) in which your target market is active

You may need to do some research here. You could survey people in the demographic, or get in touch with a local expert to help and advise.

Then create your marketing!

If you don’t have the time, skills or inclination to carry out such a marketing campaign, contact a local marketing expert and get the assistance you need. But first, make sure that you are very clear on the who, the what and the where before you agree to an expensive online marketing campaign.  

Remember, people buy from people! So don’t be afraid to inject your personality into your marketing!

Graeme Owen

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