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Builders: What Does It Take To Break The First Million?

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 1.37.46 pmread on.

Builders: What Does It Take To Break Through The First Million?

Make Your First Million - Three Must Do'sread on.

Builders: Three Must Dos To Grow Your Construction Business Past The First Million

Make Your First Million - Three Must Do'sThis series of videos is specifically for guys starting out in a building business who need to crack that first million in revenue. Employing builders is essential to grow your construction business, but if you don't do it right there  can be fish-hooks. Here’s three things you must do when enlarging your team. 1. Make sure your team know what you want Don’t assume that new employees will do things… read on.

The secret to getting your bank on your side? Two tips builders will want to know to help their cash-flow.

How to get the banks on your side Builder. Are you short on cash-flow in your building business? Finding it hard to get an overdraft for that construction job? Adapting to a growing economy is exciting but raises a new set of financial risks. More jobs mean larger accounts, bigger bills and more financial exposure. Managing cash-flow is one of the key issues and many builders are looking to banks to help them make the most of good… read on.

How To Break A Million Series – Get Fired Up

Million Series - Get Fired UpComment: What have you tried to break through your first million?… read on.

Builders, Punch Through The Million Dollar Barrier And Grow Your Building Business.

Make More Than A Million Builders. Do you want to add ‘multi’ before your million-dollar building business? It takes more than simply winning new contracts – you need to update and reshape your business model, if you want to take it to the next level and grow your building business. The first step many builders take after establishing themselves is to grow their building business into a million-dollar company that employs five to eight builders.… read on.

Are You The Builder I’m Looking For?

Are You The Builder I'm Looking For?Are you ready to take your building business to the next level? Contact Graemeread on.

Are You Irresistible To Your Clients? (video)

Are you irresistible to your clients? VideoHow would you feel getting an email like the following: You have provided such outstanding, detailed, up front and specific service exactly tailored to our needs and budget.  We really appreciate it and pretty much find it impossible not to choose your company as a result. This was an exact copy of an email received by a builder I worked with.  His business grew from nothing to in excess of… read on.

The Secret To Great Sales – Documenting (Video)

The Key To Sales - DocumentingAn important key to developing a great sales strength in your company is a documented sales process. Now I know you may think, “Hey…this is way over the top,” but would you start building a new house without at least having concept plans? What do I mean by a documented sales process? (more…)read on.

Builder: 5 Tips That Will Land You Better Sales – Part 2

Builder: 5 Tips That Will Land You Better Sales "My building business is doing okay. I’m landing a lot of jobs that keep me busy.  But I’m not landing the top jobs, the ones that pay the good money." These are common statements I hear from my clients when they start out.  How do I land the good jobs over the line. In the previous article of this two-part series, “5 Tips That Will Land You Better Sales - read on.