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Three Reasons Successful Builders Advertise When The Building Market Is Hot

Builder Marketing Advertising Are you driven to working long hours while the building market is hot, but then pushed to discount when construction work dries up - just to stay afloat? I'd like to make my renovation business more secure, but I don’t have time? I don’t advertise yet I get more enquiries than I can handle? There's not time to work on the business.”

I’ve heard this from a number of builders. … read on.

Save Time While Growing Your Building Business

Builders: Save time while growing your building business - The Successful BuilderIn this video I reveal five things you can do now to save time while growing your building business!

(more…)read on.

Builders: Teach Your Clients It’s Cheaper To Pay More. Three easy sales and quoting tips

Builders, teach your clients its cheaper to pay more. Sales and quotingIn this video I reveal the three things you can do during the sales and quoting period to teach your clients it's cheaper to pay more!

(more…)read on.

Make the Most of Your Building Apprentice

Making The Most Of a Building Apprentice

How do you run a business and train an apprentice without reducing your output or compromising your profitability?

Think back to when you were a building apprentice. Would you be where you are today if someone hadn’t given you a chance? Were you teachable? Did you learn fast? Did you make the most of the opportunities you were given?

It’s highly likely there are young people just like you were, … read on.

Builders: The Secret to Finding Your Ideal Renovation Leads

Targeted Marketing for Construction Business Remember the scene from Minority Report, where Tom Cruise enters 
a shopping mall and is spoken 
to by advertising billboards? Identity recognition devices scan the retina
 of approaching people and access databases full of their preferences. The billboards then address passers-by with advertising messages specifically tailored to their needs and wants.

Why am I relaying this scene? For decades now, marketers have successfully utilised the power of targeted and direct … read on.

Builders: What Does It Take To Break The First Million?

Screen Shot 2015-04-22 at 1.37.46 pmread on.

Builders: What Does It Take To Break Through The First Million?

Make Your First Million - Three Must Do's  This series of videos is specifically for guys starting out in business and need to crack that first million.  There's heaps to get right in a building business and it's impossible to master everything all at once. So rather than getting stressed out about what you can't do... get fired up about what you can do.   Here's three things to make really important in your business right at… read on.

Builders: Three Must Dos To Grow Your Construction Business Past The First Million

Make Your First Million - Three Must Do'sThis series of videos is specifically for guys starting out in a building business who need to crack that first million in revenue. Employing builders is essential to grow your construction business, but if you don't do it right there  can be fish-hooks. Here’s three things you must do when enlarging your team. 1. Make sure your team know what you want Don’t assume that new employees will do things… read on.

The secret to getting your bank on your side? Two tips builders will want to know to help their cash-flow.

How to get the banks on your side Builder. Are you short on cash-flow in your building business? Finding it hard to get an overdraft for that construction job? Adapting to a growing economy is exciting but raises a new set of financial risks. More jobs mean larger accounts, bigger bills and more financial exposure. Managing cash-flow is one of the key issues and many builders are looking to banks to help them make the most of good… read on.

How To Break A Million Series – Get Fired Up

Million Series - Get Fired UpComment: What have you tried to break through your first million?… read on.