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Graeme Owen

The Builder's Business Coach - Director

My mission as the builders business coach is to unleash builders in developed countries to train and assist developing communities design and build permanent family homes where children and families can feel safe and secure.

We do this by teaching and mentoring qualified builders to get off the tools, to build secure and profitable building businesses, and to become contributing members of their community.

We promote and encourage involvement in community development organisations (e.g. Habitat for Humanity).

My Grandfather was a builder and my father also.

But on graduating as a Civil Engineer, I quickly discovered I much preferred working with people. So I did a post graduate degree in Theology and spent several years teaching in a theological college, establishing an adult internship leadership programme, and leading a couple of churches through change points. A couple of stints in business management extended my appetite for entrepreneurship.

The opportunity came to re-evaluate my life’s direction when the academic department I was leading was absorbed by another and my position made redundant. I love teaching, being entrepreneurial and working with people. I’ve done this for so long. I wondered where I would find similar opportunity? But after being coached by an occupational psychologist, I learned that I’d been coaching and consulting most of my life. I knew what I needed to do.

So that’s what I do. I love the construction sector and so naturally I work with builders and other trades. I teach them how to build great businesses, I encourage them to be entrepreneurial and I help them become better people and to give back to their communities. And to top it all off...its been very successful.

Why I like working with builders.

Builders not only deal with customers, but with suppliers and sub-trades. A job may have over 40 suppliers and sub-trades. So, when a builder does well, many other businesses benefit. When a building business fails, many suffer with them. So, as we strengthen building businesses we underpin many associated businesses.

I believe people should focus less on trying to be successful, and more on being decisive.

Most people want to be successful, but few achieve it, because (in my experience) today’s successes result from yesterday’s decisions. So...decisive action (founded on good information) is the key to great results.


  • My degree in civil engineering gives me an understanding of the construction process from the foundation up. I know exactly what you are talking about when you tell me about your building work.
  • My degree in theology and my post graduate study of leadership gives me an excellent basis for working with people, especially emerging leaders. So, when we’re developing a company culture, or dealing with difficult people, I draw on resources and experiences from a wide variety of sources.
  • Chartered Member Institute of Directors New Zealand


  • Awarded member Top 100 International Coaches ActionCOACH
  • Awarded Top Coach New Zealand, ActionCOACH
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Arjen Bloem – Trades Advisor

The Trades Advisor

Over twenty three year’s directing seven New Zealand companies has given Arjen first hand understanding of the day to day business pressures and the key factors essential for success in any business big or small.  

I have owned businesses in construction services, medical, technology import and distribution businesses so I am able to draw on a range of practices and experiences.


My first successful business in 1989 introduced me to the ups and downs of contracting and taught me the importance of providing a quality service.

During my time as contracts supervisor for a construction company I learned to manage small to medium size commercial and residential building projects.

I currently head a team of twenty two staff involved in plasterboard installation and painting of luxury homes. My time here has taught me the importance of financial literacy, cost control as well as team management and quality control.

Tech startups

I founded two high tech start ups with a group of venture capitalist. We brought out an existing cosmetic laser business.  I expanded the operation to twenty Clinics over a period of twelve months. A second distribution company was formed to import and distribute and lease of high technology into the New Zealand and Australian market.

Professional sales

Nineteen years in professional sales has taught me how to meet client’s needs in a professional manner with integrity. I have developed my sales skills whilst selling products ranging from construction, to paint restorations to medical equipment and laser treatments.

Sales and Marketing trainer

While working as a product specialist for a leading edge technology company I provided marketing and sales training to many of New Zealand’s most successful cosmetic surgery and dermatology clinics.


I get excited when I see a business owner realise their potential. Many business never make it because they never learn to master the essential tools.  

As an effective business coach I love providing those tools and encouraging the integration into the business

    Felicity Owen - Websites For Builders

    Felicity Owen

    Digital Marketing Manager

    Felicity is a masters honours graduate in Industrial and Organisational Psychology (in other words, business psychology) and has several years experience in digital marketing, team training, recruitment and employee development.

    She joined the team in 2014 and took on the responsibility of marketing The Successful Builder using a variety of online and traditional marketing.  Digital marketing includes social media and search engine marketing (such as google adwords and social media ads) as well as search engine optimisation through the use of on page and off page SEO.

    Coaching building business owners how to manager their digital marketing has become a key aspect of the role as many builders find the cyber world somewhat nerve racking.  Felicity's knowledge of the trades and building industry as well as her experience in organisational training gives her the ability to translate the digital lingo into easily understood terms - taking the ambiguity out of digital marketing.

    As well as coaching Felicity manages client websites, google adwords, google analytics, social media and/or on and off page SEO.

    Having had several years experience in the marketing for building business industry, she has branched out into websites for builders.  Understanding the building industry as well as what makes for a great website enables her to create websites that work for builders.  To find out more about websites for builders please visit or contact us for more information.


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