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3 Reasons Builders Lose Money – And How To Fix Them For Higher Profits

Ever been plagued by the feeling that even after all your strenuous efforts, you’re losing money?

You’re not alone!

In my book, “3 Reasons Builders Lose Money” you will find three of the reasons I have found that builders lose money … and how to fix these in your business.

3 Reasons Builders Lose Money

I wrote this ebook just for you, to highlight some of the challenges I have found that prevent business. You may be working long hours but you are disappointed by the low returns you are geng. One builder put it to me this way, “I was taught how to build a ‘structure’ and I became a great tradesman, but no one taught me how to build a ‘business’ and become a profitable owner.”

You know deep down you can do it, but you lack the strategy to get there. You are not alone. From my own surveys, 55% of business owners want to drive their businesses forward but just don’t know how. So congratulaons on taking the first to step to finding out how…idenfying the areas where builders lose money and doing something about it.

As you read on you may like to make some notes on acons you will take to make a difference. You see, it’s not what you learn that maers, but what you DO with what you learn.

And Stop The Money Leaks In Your Business Today!

P.S. Whenever you’re ready….here are 4 ways I can help you grow your building business:

1. Grab a copy of my free book

It’s a road map of a successful 15 minute sales call that’s guaranteed to increase your conversion rate.

2. Join Trade Mates and connect with builders who are scaling too.

It’s our new Facebook community where smart builders learn to get more income, time and freedom. View our free business resources for builders. Ask questions of like minded business owners and business coaches. Give your knowledge and expertise to help others. –

3. Join my new group

I’m looking for about 8 builders who want to earn $250K+, want to work 40hrs/week, and run their business rather than work in their business. If this sounds like you, message me at and put the words, “New Group”, in the subject, and I’ll get you all the information.

4.  Join Loft Members

If you’d like help to get off the tools, make more money and get your life back…just  message me at and put “LOFT MEMBERS” in the subject…tell me a little about your business and I’ll get you all the details.

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